January 28, 2009

Malaysian People In The News- Rihanna

PAS To Protest Against Rihanna Concert
The Star Online
25th January 2009


PAS remain persistent in their efforts to prevent popstar Rihanna from performing in Malaysia despite the Government's approval.

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PAS chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad said the demonstration would mainly be to exert pressure on the Government to show that the movement disapproved of such concerts, which it described as unsuitable for the country.

Kamaruzaman said he was upset with the government’s decision to reject their memorandum.

“Rihanna’s image including her dressing is not suitable for our culture,” he said.

“Even if she wore a headscarf here, we know it is not her real self because she performs differently in other places,” he said, adding that they had sent a memorandum to the Religious Affairs Department to have a standard guidelines for such concerts.


PAS are obsessive and aggressive when the thought of Rihanna comes up, stressing and incessantly pressing the issue of prohibition. Despite their best efforts, the Government doesn't see a reason to stop the music.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why PAS has such a huge stick up their you-know-what regarding these concerts. I mean, it was funny when the Pussycat Dolls got fined for provocative clothing, but in the end - they were only trying to sell their music.
Sex shouldn't rile people up. If people get offended by sex or anything relating to sex, then they're probably hidden peadophiles waiting to strike and afraid of the temptations.

Unknown said...

if we ban Rihanna concert,should ban all the clubs,MTV,channel V,etc etc as well.why being hypocrite anymore after that?

Anonymous said...

Yea, totally hypocrites! Wonder why they are still so conservative while we're already in the 21st century....Grow up la PAS!

oneandonlyme said...

Updates: She is not coming after all hahahahhahaa

Anonymous said...

pas just jealous that malaysia govt is actually getting income from this concert. its not like only rihanna dress sexy and revealing, but most ppl today also dress up similar! pas bringing up the same topic regarding dress code as the main reason is unacceptable! in malaysia, ppl also dress up the same! open your eyes stupid PAS!!! see how ppl dress today!! dress code has nothing to do with the concert! PAS just fucking jealous!!!

TK said...

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apih yayan said...

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