November 18, 2008

#48 Elaborate Wedding Dinners

There comes a time in a Malaysian person's life when they take the next step and venture into that foreign realm the rest of us call matrimony.

The process is more or less the same as it would be in your country except that customs and tradition run rampant and the emphasis is placed on the wedding as opposed to the marriage itself.

The wedding dinner is much more than a celebration of two people's union, it is a momentous occasion in which the couple and their family announce to the world that they are happy, successful, accomplished and basically everything you are not.

You will witness an indulgent and decadent display of extravagance as well as nauseating sentiment. You will bear witness to the couple's lives unfolding and converging through a professional and calculated slideshow presentation. You will have more than your fair share of alcohol and food to compensate for the token of appreciation you parted with at the welcoming/cashier counter.

Throughout the night, you will be sufficiently entertained. The obligatory website/movie inspired wedding vows, grudging speeches from both sets of parents and a performance from a drunk relative or two. And that's not even the singing on stage part.

If you should be so fortunate as to be at a wedding dinner with someone you have not pledged your undying love to, you will at least be able to share the awkward silence on the ride home followed by an inevitable guilt trip in the months to come. But let's dispense with all this cynicism, one should be merry and rejoice in the infinite possibilities and symbols of hope that weddings accord. Don't worry, it won't be long before you have your bride and gloom.


Ashleigh said...

*groan* This post reminds me that I have 758249 wedding dinners to attend in the month of December and January. Why is everybody getting hitched at this time?!?!

Annoying relatives, boasting uncles, nosey aunties and the little spats within the families.

You should do another post on the bridal studios, galleries, boutiques, etc which pop up like mushrooms after a rainfall. Just go to SS2.

synical said...

Good one :D


Lucky I don't have too many weddings to go for, otherwise I also die.

Guess I shouldn't complain that I've friends that aren't getting married anytime soon. :)

poh lin said...

haha...this is funny! each sentence i just nod in agreement! ;)

May Zhee said...

#49 - Self-shot photos.

diana said...

I understand you write by experience, but excerpts into Malay culture would be great for you to add also in the writings of your blog. Maybe blog contributors? Dont think I could relate with this one though..coz of the aforementioned. Keep up writing!

Trishomachine. said...

Why dont people make the effort to make their weddings more personal? I find most weddings in Malaysia identical. Heck, even the buffet spread is similar (which is why I call air sirap 'air orang kahwin').

I'm going to be brave and hold a simple yet personal wedding, when the right time comes =)

Dont touch this! said...

Hahahaha Bro yet again on a one track mind!

I suppose you have to wait till you find that one special girl you want to spend your lifetime with and your own wedding reception before you reconsider this thought. I bet you will change your opinion by then.

I believe its subjective. I myself have already planned my wedding though without that girl I want to celebrate it with. I may be able to get it I may not. But what Im sure is that I will want to share the happiness and not rub it into your face.

Anyway you always provide me laughs so carry on with your great work!

B.H. said...


All the things you've mentioned? Weddings just wouldn't be the sane without them.


Don't speak too soon.

Poh Lin,

We concur. Keep nodding.

May Zhee,

Definitely a consideration. Please send yours in, we could use them.


A valid suggestion most certainly. You are welcome to submit an article should you feel compelled to.


Why can't there be the best of both worlds? Does magnitude necessarily negate intimacy?

Don't Touch This/Me,

One track mind? I wouldn't dare infringe on a trademark that you cling to so proudly. I thus find it ironic that YOU would have your future wedding idealised.

I think you and Trishomachine can confer on this matter.

Thank you for your comment, it's always interesting when you leave one.


Amritpal Singh said...

Nice picture of the family!