December 5, 2008

Malaysianspeak- Can Or Not?


A question pertaining the feasibility of a situation or to ascertain the possibility of an occurence.

Malaysian Definition:

i) Are you sure?
ii) Can it be done?
iii) To punctuate sentences
iv) To make a rhetoric statement
v) Yes or no?
vi) Please
vii) May I?


a) Naga : Let's go karaoke this weekend. I've been practising and I think I can hit those high octaves on that Bon Jovi song we always sing.
Nivel : Huh. Can or not.

b) Queenie : Sweetheart, I thought of what you could get me for Christmas. A new grand piano! Can or not?
Kingston : Cannot.


Can or not is one of the more common phrases you will find being used in the average Malaysian's vernacular. Its uniqueness is that it can be a question, punctuation mark, rhetoric or replacement for outdated terms like please, could or may.


s kim said...

just because i no longer comment does not mean i am no longer an avid reader of this blog. =P

do keep up the updates....
can or not?

Nelly said...

it's been awhile since i was in malaysia and i certainly believe "can or not?" was common to my vocab then than now... i miss speaking malaysian english kekeke...

B.H. said...


Sure or not?


Hopefully this post helped you get reacquainted with Manglish somewhat.


Amritpal Singh said...

Yes or not?