August 26, 2008

Malaysian Problems- Foreign Artist Concerts

The Article:

"Avril Lavigne's Show Goes On in Malaysia". Jovie Baclayon. E! Online. August 24th 2008.

The Problem:

Foreign music artists whose personas and stage presence are deemed provocative and culturally contradicting by certain Malaysian groups face opposition when seeking to perform in the country.

The Solution:

Foreign artists should embrace Malaysian culture and traditions by toning down their attitudes and performances to suit the conservative local palate.

One way of incorporating local influences is for foreign artists to don the traditional garbs of Malaysian ethnicities. For instance, Avril Lavigne should employ a costume change that sees her perform in the Baju Kurung, Cheongsam and Sari. This will greatly endear her to Malalysians, even the more staunch traditionalists.

Foreign artists can also learn the local lingo and use it in their songs. For example, "Hey, hey, you, you I tak suka your girlfriend lah". If possible, they should also sing duets with local artists in an attempt to converge Western and Asian influences. An Avril and Mawi duet anyone?

Stuff Mentioned:

Thanks to Skim for strongly suggesting this piece.


Demo jerr said...

mawi? please... find someone else... but duet is a good idea tho

wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!

Tekkaus said...

Yep! Totally agree with Slumberaja! No Mawi please. I've seen enough of him in Maggi Mee packs and others' commercial! =)

B.H. said...


Can I let you in on a secret?

-This entire blog's tone is sarcastic.

Who would have thought of that right?


Grace said...

"Hey, hey, you, you I tak suka your girlfriend lah"

AHHAHAHAHHA I wonder how that would turn out, if she ever says that.

Ashleigh said...

"Strongly suggested by SKim" Hahaha!! =D

What a forceful personality. Who'd have thought so?

B.H. said...

Grace- It's complicated lor.

Ashleigh- How could I deny such a valid suggestion?


Anonymous said...

What an irony - everytime I attend any foreign female artistes concerts, you can see more skin on the local concert-goers/fans than the female artistes themselves!

Anonymous said...

I care not for her music but I'd pay a fortune to see her in a tight baju kebaya. ;)

B.H. said...

Anonymous 12:27 pm,

Great observation. My hat off to you.

Anonymous 5:39 om,

We should start a petition. You have my pledge.


Ara said...

In my opinion, banning PCD is understandable, i mean, they ARE provocative..even the Westerners deem them so...but Avril? come on..

But know what , I still agree that some Malaysian artists are also wearing provocatively..oh yeah, n the concert-goers themselvs! PFFTT!

Anonymous said...

Had a feeling the person who wrote this does not appreciate music in its entirety. Why have to be so sad?

Pain to the ears if awesome songs like Girlfriend gets jumbled in this way... But an entire translation sounds good...

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