June 14, 2008

#2 Conspiracy Theories

It is a well known fact (within Malaysia) that Malaysians are generally astute about politics and government policies. Little things such as truth or logic do not hamper their explanations.

Everyone, from a coffeeshop patroning geriatric to a precocious primary schooler can spew conspiracy theories which will astound the uninitiated and they will be offended if you challenge their statements.

It is therefore most fortuitous that Malaysia is well known for mysterious incidents that cause a hullabaloo for a short amount of time then appear to be swept under the carpet soon after. It is then the conspiracy theorists move into high gear, proclaiming stories of government intervention, media whitewashing and political manoeuvring.

Malaysians are such big fans of conspiracy theories that a website (malaysia-today.net) dedicated to such material was instrumental in almost toppling the ruling government in the 2008 elections. A few months later the blog's editor was sent to prison for charges of sedition.

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