August 2, 2008

Malaysian Problems- Parking

The Article:

"Indiscriminate Parking Everywhere In City". Metro Central. The Star Online. July 31st, 2008.

The Problem:

What should you do when you encounter an inconvenient parking situation?

The Solution:

The presence of a vehicle obstructing the path of yours can be an unpleasant experience, especially if no contact number is left for you to request the person to move said obstruction. There are several options for you to pursue, with varying degrees of extremity.

First, you can manually move the car that is blocking yours by releasing the handbrake and pushing it into a more strategic position. The means by which you acquire access to the inside of the car is entirely up to you but blunt, steel objects work best.

Secondly, you could call the respective municipal council or contact the nearest law enforcers to assist you in such a predicament. It is their civic duty to ensure traffic laws are adhered to and if need be, administer punitive measures. Realistically though, you are better off waiting for the Apocalypse to happen.

The last option is the path most taken by the average Malaysian, that is to stand by waiting and complain to whoever will listen to you. This diatribe will foreseeably last until the owner of the hindrance arrives, with a sheepish look on his face and nary an apology. He will drive away. So will you. You both live to park another day.


Drive less. Avoid popular areas. But if you must, store metal objects in your car for facilitation of moving obstructions. For passive-aggressive individuals, seek therapy on scheduled basis.

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Falcon said...

i have a suggestion... "cuthroat" taxi drivers

Anonymous said...

I normally just honk away until someone shows up. Has proven quite effective with show up rates of between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
YMMV of cuz. :)

B.H. said...

Falcon- Cutthroat or cut their throats?

K Law- What if they're not in the vicinity? Does YMMV stand for "You Must Move Vehicle"?


michael said...

when i'm in the mood...i do use the 1st step..XD

Suz said...

what klaw said reminds me of this incident i sunway damansara (that very strategic place!).
the cute lil kancil was honking away for the car behind to be moved. but poor us inside the shop, the noise pollution was unbearable. being a certified busybody, i went out to have a look and found out that the car that double parked ACTUALLY left a number on the dashboard. Ggrrr!!!

but the expression the kancil driver was priceless when i told her there's actually a number to be contacted.