June 21, 2008

#8 Complaining

Malaysians are renowned for their prowess at complaining. One would think complaining orally would be enough but no, Malaysians are more creative with their verbal vitriol. Newspaper articles, radio programs and entire blogs have been set up to facilitate the Malaysian's need to vent.

A peculiar aspect of their complaints is that it is always redundant in nature. "Why is it always so hot?" is one of the more ubiquitous ones despite the permanent hot and humid weather the country experiences all year round. Another example would be "@%$# what's with this traffic today!!" when they go through the same congestion every day. More recently, the increase in fuel prices has prompted Malaysians to complain in unison which they subconsciously hope will reverse the effect of dwindling supply and defy the laws of economics.

When confronted with a situation in which a Malaysian is complaining, never point out that their point is moot. Instead, say "Whoa, I never thought of it that way. You really made an insightful observation." This statement functions in two ways; it assures the Malaysian that they are intelligent and passionate about current affairs. It also allows them to feel that their rants are an enlightening social commentary which has enriched you and is not just verbal diarrhea. Once you have sufficiently inflated the ego of the Malaysian, it is acceptable for you to take advantage by asking them to do your taxes and/or edit your thesis.


Soleh said...

Stop Complaining Sign?...hehe..I think we can applied that at our roadway..

Afif said...

Dude, why are you complaining so much about this? Be cool.

anitakrishlee said...

LOL to afif, but it's all true. I'm all Malaysian in that sense.

mog said...

Try coming down to Singapore. People here takes complaining to a whole different level.