July 14, 2008

#22 Short Term Memory

Malaysian people have a unique memory that is both selective and temporary in its capacity. While Malaysians possess great focus and insight for current issues, this focalization can disappear overnight and the topic will never be heard of again.

Malaysians are generally inquisitive and can provide esoteric theories (see post #2) of the latest issues that captivate the nation. Current issues entail mistreatment of Mongolian emissaries, feuding statesmen and backdoor entry policies. However, even these incidents will soon be bygones in the minds of Malaysians, almost as if they did not exist.

People in Malaysia are also generally forgetful of the things they say or do. This is most advantageous when such discrepancies come back to haunt them. Commonly heard phrases "I don't remember _____" and "Looks like me, sounds like me, but I forgot _____". After dismissing credible proof and evidence, efforts will be made to ensure all notion and history which discredits them will be swept under the carpet.

The Malaysian person's limited capacity for memory is such that a former Prime Minister of Malaysia wrote a now famous poem entitled "Melayu Mudah Lupa" (Malays Forget Easily) which has now entered the annals of Malaysian polemic literature. Ironically, said Prime Minister now experiences memory loss when questioned about dubious developments.

The Malaysian memory is therefore a medical marvel/mystery illness that biologically works in their favor and it is blasphemous for you to question their version of events.

Don't forget to remember that.


Anonymous said...

The mudah lupa part is why I blog, and why Google has done us a great favor by indexing all that has been said and done.

B.H. said...


Our government takes their cues from dystopian futures such as "1984" and "Total Recall".

It is our duty as good citizens to graciously lap up the information they transmit.

"Governments should be afraid of their people."


Anonymous said...

Gosh! Is this the reason i am taking Gingko Biloba??!!!