September 23, 2008

#38 Japanese Cars

Besides having accents and reinventing their names, Malaysian people also display facets of their character with their choice of automobile. For Malaysian people, a Japanese car will convey all the things they'd like people to think about them: stylish but pragmatic, rich but not a show off and worldly, but still Asian at heart.

Japanese car manufacturers love Malaysia because they could pretty much stick one of their logos on a cardboard box with wheels and it would sell like hot cakes. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you could fit any demographic with a Japanese car. Yuppie sedan, family SUV, speed junkie souped-up sports car. They covered most of the bases so Malaysians can feel unique, but still under a homogenous Japanese consumerist umbrella.

No, it is not contradictory that Malaysians want to feel special but own the same car as everyone else. It's just that their sense of good taste is contagious. Nothing says you've worked your middle class ass off in a corporate drone job with mediocre pay more than an overpriced Japanese vehicle which will last you until the new version is released.

Owning a Japanese car is part and parcel of a Malaysian person's development. Much like bandwagonning or complaining and comparing Toyota to Honda. There are some Malaysian people who even go the whole nine yards in expressing how Malaysian they are, by driving their Japanese vehicle with one hand and complaining on their cell with another as they arrive late for an appointment at IKEA and proceed to double park. Incredible!

If you're wondering how you can use this information for your personal benefit, it's quite simple. The next time you're attending an event or a gathering, ask the owner of a Japanese car if you could take theirs, considering yours isn't fuel economic and that you feel insecure driving it. Presto, a free ride!

Note: You should never imply it is redundant to drive a Japanese sports car in a country whose speed limit is 110mph. They know this, but it was not a factor in the purchase decision.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm Malaysian enough to own one as well :P

Btw, it's so hip to own a Japanese car that owners of Malaysian cars like to rebrand their own cars as Japanese.

Wira is equivalent to a Mitsubishi Lancer.
Kenari is equivalent to a Daihatsu Move.

Paul Tan said...

i would LOVE it if this country had a speed limit of 110mph.

kaioucat said...

Say, speaking of cars reminds me of a possible topic for your blog - Malaysian drivers. Topic includes Malaysian driving manners (or lack of it), parking styles, ways of modifying their vehicles, and so on. And who can forget the (in)famous Malaysian traffic jam.

Having said that, I was in India last month and trust me, Malaysian drivers are angels compared to Indian drivers.

B.H. said...


I've seen those atrocities being committed. Not a pretty sight.


So would Ravi. Is his beemer the same model as yours?


Thanks very much, it's kind of you to contribute. Those topics have or will be covered throughout the course of the blog.

I still think we get our asses kicked by Indonesian drivers.


amber said...

I drive a Korean car, since Japan and Korea are neighbors, does it make me "stylish but pragmatic,rich but not a show off and worldly" too??

B.H. said...


Depending on which hemisphere it was made in, it could make you a communist.


Poppy said...

amber: I think it just says, I want to be "stylish and pragmatic" but too damn cheap to pay a few more grand for a Japanese one.

how about the people who would rather buy 2nd hand Japanese cars as a middle finger to the bastards who make cars with failing power windows and cause the price of Japanese economy cars to be priced like premium cars.

In any other country, Honyota Camcords Civicrollas are still regarded as economy cars although in recent years some touches "luxury" like leather and GPS navs have been added. Buying a Korean car is regarded as "you've got to work harder in life, bud". Buying a Proton sedan is "OMFG, you poor thing. Did you even watch Jeremy Clarkson?"

zewt said...

true enough... japanese car is a sign of a person's development. well, honestly, if our proton's quality can match a japanese car, i will gladly drive a proton anytime.

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