September 27, 2008

#39 Corporations

You sold out.

Those three words are an affirmation for Malaysian people that they've made it in life. Nothing comes close to the euphoria of those three words. Except perhaps, for anything that is preceded by the term "free".

You may be wondering how compromising principles, material obsessions and being souled out can be a positive thing for anyone. This is where you must realign your thought process for things in Malaysia operate differently from what you may be used to.

You see in Malaysia, the barometer or litmus test if you will, of success is material wealth (Asians' obsession with numbers, go figure). And the most conventional and respectable way to acquire such financial gain is in the corporate sector. Therefore, the ultimate goal for any Malaysian is to acquire a place at a multinational company and proceed to grow their revenue stream whilst complaining about the long hours, endless work and petty politics. Any job that is outside of the corporate sector or not professional in nature is set to be societally condemned. There are no exceptions.

You must be aware that while Malaysian people dread the thought of working in companies that plunder the earth's resources and corrupt man's constitution, they will never admit this fact and instead spin stories of "the greater good" that their companies aspire to achieve in the long run. As usual when encountering such dubious claims, it is your duty to curtail any criticism you have and instead commend Malaysian people on the fine work they and their company are doing.

For added effect, relate a story of how a corporation saved you from going through life as an aimless hippie by giving you purpose, goals and a company car. This story will warm the hearts of your Malaysian friends on their nights and weekends at the office.

Note: Do not confuse multinationals with multi-level marketing. Those are the wrong type of Malaysian people to consort with.


kchan said...

those big name is so infiltrated in our life until we can't live without them. under the name of globalisation, i don't think there is any other country could escape the evil grip of the big name. a icy cool coke in the hot day is still the biggest joy in the hot day.


Amritpal Singh said...

I agree with you kchan however it's up to people's spending power on what they can buy. Question is; what should we buy - should we focus on quality, taste of brand or just be cheap to save extra dollars?

PS: Coke IS the biggest joy on in the hot day :-D

sweetspirits said...

Nice blog :)

B.H. said...


I prefer Pepsi but it's not as readily available.

Hey Amrit,

How's it hanging? When are you coming back home for hols?


Much obliged. See you around.


fie the elf said...

hey hey it was nice but weird meeting you! i mean cause ive never met someone from the net accidentally before! hehe. kl's small =)

Amrit said...

I will be back in December and finally obtained my PR - 9 months!!

Good work with the blog and fantastic postings (no Manglish at all :P)....