September 4, 2008

#34 Accents

It's amazing that it took us this long to get to accents but it is critical that you understand this Malaysian phenomenon. Although this post ties heavily into post #1 Studying Abroad and #26 Defying Ethnic Stereotypes, it definitely warrants its own entry as a Malaysian peculiarity that persists throughout time.

The faux accent is consistent with Malaysian people's love for all things foreign and Western. It would not be a cliche to use the saying, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you're unsure what this accent sounds like, imagine a bad Michael Caine impressionist performing while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Generally, the Malaysian person develops an accent when returning from abroad or perhaps after one too many episodes of an American sitcom. The former is a common occurrence which explains the plethora of international accents you might hear rolling off Malaysian tongues. Be prepared to hear the excuse "I was there for so long, it's hard to just shake it off."

The average Malaysian is not able to discern between an English, American or Australian accent but just having one will sufficiently raise their social profile. It would not be an understatement to say that Malaysian people are fascinated by accents. Even a hypnotist would be hard pressed to produce anything close to this. In fact, Malaysian people in possession of accents receive better treatment from everyone and will even seem more attractive by virtue of their speech, regardless of their shortcomings. I know you're incredulous of this but believe me, it's true.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to developing an accent. Little things like grammatical deficiencies, illiteracy or lack of actual foreign experience can be discounted. All that matters is that the accent sounds different and affected. No one really knows what a genuine one sounds like anyway since they're all doing the same thing. To avoid being labelled pretentious, some Malaysian people occasionally use Manglish
terms to show that they have not completely abandoned their lingua franca.

Most of the time, Malaysian people speak Manglish but there are certain occasions or incidents which prompt them to change their inflection (if they aren't retaining it permanently already). One situation which calls for it is an encounter with you, the foreigner. You may wonder why your Malaysian friend has adopted a manner of speech so uncommon and awkward and you may even be a little offended. No, they're not making fun of your dulcet tones or your delightful lilt. They're being hospitable and trying to make you feel at home, silly! Make sure you indulge in this charade and show appreciation for their efforts.

Having an accent also helps impress newly-made acquaintances, as mentioned earlier.

"Hey, you know that guy who just came back from abroad?"

"Which one? There's so many of them."

"The one who has the cute British accent."

"Yeah, you should totally date him. It's a known fact that Brits are posh and sophisticated which by virtue of his accent, means he is too. It's the theory of relativity. You can't fight science."

Malaysian people will sometimes erroneously refer to an accent as "slang". You must excuse this for it is just as common for them to confuse terminology as they confuse people with their accents. But you must remember never to imply that a Malaysian person's accent is false or fabricated. This will lead to a long argument that will leave you questioning the authenticity of your own accent.

Note: If you encounter a foreigner with a Malaysian accent, you must report it to the authorities immediately for posterity and further study. Such an incident has never been documented in history and would present academicians and anthropologists with groundbreaking research material.


Klaw said...

Hahaha, what is a Malaysian accent? How about having a natural cinapek accent, does that count as Malaysian?

Grace said...

Honestly, I have no idea why people fake their accents when speaking to 'orang putih'. I know I don't. I am proud of my Malaysian English, and it is going to stay that way. And me with my Malaysian accent, the foreigners still seem to understand what I say. Faking an accent will only make me look and sound stupid.

synical said...

American, English and Australian accents aren't that hard to tell apart; American and Canadian accents are worse - I STILL can't tell them apart.

People with adopted faux accents should be shot on sight, haha.

Izad said...

The absolute worst ones are the ones that ACCENTUATES their "R"s... rrrrrolling their tongues like nobody's business.. even the mat salleh's don't overdo it. LOL

Dzof said...

Yes, what is a Malaysian accent? Take a look at how upper-class Malaysians spoke English in the sixties (thinking about Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr. Ismail) - they used words and accents that would probably be recognised as 'foreign' English now.

Malaysian schools prefer to teach English with a British bias, both in spelling and pronounciation. So, shouldn't true Malaysian English have a British accent?

Furthermore, if we learned a foreign language, wouldn't we want to pronounce the words correctly? We could speak French, for example, with a Malaysian style by interjecting 'lahs', but that would just seem odd.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with adopting a different accent with different people. I frequently slip into Kedah BM when talking to my grandmother, because that's how she speaks. It's not the same accent I use when I have to teach a class in BM. Why should it be different with English?

Anyway, the real question to ask is: What's your accent, then? :-)

B.H. said...

Ok guys, just to clarify matters, a Malaysian accent is one that is punctuated with the Three Ps of the Malaysian Principles:
Piracy, Pretense and "Perasan".


That's my favourite one. We should all get chinked out every now and then.


You should try it sometime. It's quite liberating. Like RPG.


What with?


Arrrre you surrrre?


I personally think we should liberate ourselves from mental colonisation and refute all traces of Brittanica. We're not British, alhough we share the same fondness for tea.

Since we pride ourselves on diversity, everyone should be free to adopt whatever accent they please. All I ask is that it be original and different. Is it to much to ask to hear some Slavic, Himalayan or Uzbek accents?

I'd like to think of my accent as a cross between Dirty Harry and Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Do I feel lucky? Damn right I do.


deb said...

Never really realize that Malaysian has their own accent. hehee. Malaysian Principles:
Piracy, Pretense and "Perasan". GOod one though!!

Anonymous said...

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Grace said...

why is Malaysian accent "pretense" and "perasan" B.H?

lionel said...

Oh come on, foreigners do try to adopt Manglish and the local accent here because it, ironically, makes them "cool" to their Malaysian friends.

zewt said...

hahahahaha.... foreigners with a malaysian accent... i have met a gwai lo who purposely add 'lah' at the end of his sentence... just too fake.

anitakrishlee said...

Have you ever noticed switch of accents when a group of Malaysians (Indian, Chinese, Malay) are gathered together in a teh-tarik stall? The Indian and Malay speak with a Chinese accent, and the Chinese with an Indian accent?

PS: Perhaps a good topic would be how most Malaysians seem to confuse "accent" with "slang"?

anitakrishlee said...

Ahh typo: "...the switch"

B.H. said...


Yes I believe it was mentioned that Malaysians confuse accent with slang.

This phenomenon you mentioned is interesting. I will practise it with my friends to annoy them.


I think he was French.


Please record such instances should you witness them. I'm thinking of starting a Youtube channel to complement the blog posts.


I was referring to "acquired accents".


B.H. said...


Yes I believe it was mentioned that Malaysians confuse accent with slang.

This phenomenon you mentioned is interesting. I will practise it with my friends to annoy them.


I think he was French.


Please record such instances should you witness them. I'm thinking of starting a Youtube channel to complement the blog posts.


I was referring to "acquired accents".


Poppy said...

Dude. No ang moh with Malaysian accent? Need to traipse around the Malaysian "blogosphere" (omg I said a dirty word) more. I present to you

Nlndr said...

you crack me up. :)

Stereomanic said...

owh god, you're so right's amazing how they truly are people like this. Fact is, i speak proper english and because i don't have much of a grammatical deficiency except for a few notable ones that make me malaysian like instead of "mother" i pronouce it as "mudder". Anyhoo, some Malaysians i've met would instantly turn on their "Brit/New York/California" ascents and force me in a very awkward position in which i take advantage by attempting to go BM on their asses but end up hearing the English ascent only in BM...i love

Amanda Cheah said...

Seems a little late to comment on an old post, but I found this blog through Stuff Asian People Like - will definitely come back.

After spending a few years in America as a child and going through adolescence, naturally, I have an American accent - I do not do this because of a fetish for all things Western/foreign.

Returning to Malaysia, my brother and I often receive comments (not sure whether they are considered compliments) such as "WOW, your American slang so nice!" or "Ooh, your slang, I want it too!" I cringe on the inside when people get slang and accent mixed up. How am I supposed to answer or react to comments like that?

Malaysians, embrace who you are - Nobody likes a fake. Even I can switch back to the Malaysian accent, complete with lahs and mehs. :)

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Lyricist: Nasir Faraaz & Asif Ali Beg

1 – Zindagi Do Pal Ki
2 – Dil Kyun Yeh Mera
3 – Tum Bhi Ho Wahi
4 – Kites In The Sky
5 – Fire
6 – Zindagi Do Pal Ki (Remix)
7 – Dil Kyun Yeh Mera (Remix)
8 – Tum Bhi Ho Wahi (Remix)
9 – Fire (English Version)

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