October 11, 2008

Malaysianspeak- No Money


Undergoing a fiscal deficit that prohibits one from further expenditure or precludes one from activities involving monetary exchange.

Malaysian Definition:

i) I don't want any part of whatever it is
ii) I have the funds but your suggestion is a waste of money
iii) Get lost
iv) My wife is in control of the family finances


Philip : There's this great insurance plan that my company recently introduced. It's a combination of comprehensive medical coverage and solid financial investment. Would you be interested in hearing more about it?
Victor : No money lah.


Given the precarious global economic climate, this phrase is all the more relevant. It can be applied in a multitude of circumstances and it is foolproof. Because no one will want to broach such a sensitive topic. Only probe the subject further if you aim to assist with a bailout.

Considering the recent changes in the Malaysian finance ministry, this phrase might reach endemic proportions.

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