June 29, 2008

#14 Part-Time Malaysians

Malaysians are fiercely patriotic and supportive citizens. These qualities are prominent in relation to Malaysians residing in foreign countries who rise to prominence in the public eye. These part-time Malaysians who achieve celebrity status will be shown the full support of a country who usually turn a blind eye to domestic troubles or pleas for help but recognise that a famous person's dilemmas are much more dire.

The Part-Time Malaysian faces a quandary unlike Full-Time Malaysians. This is because they are merely Malaysian by birth or ancestral roots but have never really associated with the country itself. To repent for their lack of national affiliation, the Part-Time Malaysian will seek to enrich the country with his artistic or commercial contributions. Malaysians will then rejoice and revel in the discovery of another home grown-overseas talent they can tell everyone about ("Did you know Jimmy Choo is Malaysian? Yeah, Malaysians are really fashionable. We're like, his inspiration for ideas.")

Malaysians are even very accepting of foreigners who want to take up Part-Time status. That is why they have the "Malaysia My Second Home Programme". Of course, this is subject to which country you derive from. Alternatively, you could date a Malaysian celebrity and earn "Datukship" (the Malaysian equivalent of a Knighthood) status. Once again, this depends on which country you come from and your nationality.

Such reverence shown to Part-Time Malaysians would raise question marks with casual observers as to the intelligence of Malaysians. But of course, Malaysians will respond that Part-Timers deserve such idolation and championing due to their efforts in putting Malaysia on the map. Just don't ask them what happens after the 15 minutes of fame are up.

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s kim said...

what about chenelle?
malaysian my ass.