June 21, 2008

#9 Taking Pictures

A true Malaysian never misses out on the opportunity to participate in some flash photography. No matter the occasion or location, the Malaysian is always well equipped to snap a picture for posterity (flashing the peace sign is mandatory, not optional).

Malaysians will and must record digital memories in spite of ruining the vibe or not being able to fully enjoy an experience because they have to pose for that Kodak moment. Watching the sunset? Hang on, let me whip out my SLR. Going snorkeling? Not without a waterproof camera you don't.

The inexorable need to take pictures can be explained by the practical nature of the Malaysian ("Now we can show our relatives where we spent the holidays") as well as the desire to share experiences ("I sooo have to post this on my blog!"). If one were to dig further into the recesses of the Malaysian's mind, it would infer that this obsessive urge to photograph rests on the need for self-preservation lest they be struck from peoples' minds due to their forgetability.

If you want to strike up a friendship with the Malaysian, ask them if they would take a picture with you. Or better yet, if you could take one of them. Say cheese!

*Further material on taking pictures here.


Danny Foo said...

Urm... not all Malaysians are camwhores if I'm not mistaken. LOL!

Anonymous said...

...john lennon would probably be tossing in his grave by now, haha. anyway, do keep up the good work! admittedly, i probably feel most 'malaysian' when i'm overseas, and in my friend's words, "everyone's cheesily patriotic when they're overseas!" (think singing negaraku, waving flags and all that)..Perhaps blog about patriotism some time soon if you havent already? ;)