July 29, 2008

Malaysian People In The News- 29th July 2008

Sabah's Obama Link
By The Star Online (Metro)
28th July 2008

Obama Has Links To Malaysia
By Soo Ewe Jin
The Star Online
21st July 2008


Konrad Ng, whose family hails from Sabah, is married to Barack Obama's half sister. The Malaysian media has of course covered this story with great relish.

Best Quotes

In the past, the US presidential elections had never captured the attention of 60-year-old David Ng Ma Foh.

But now, every word said and every progress made by Democratic presidential hopeful Barrack Obama is read and digested by David, who has never felt strongly about a US presidential election or president hopeful until now.

David said that many of his relatives were following the US presidential elections and were proud that Dr Konrad was related to a very popular candidate.

“We hope Obama will win,” said David, adding that none of the family members here had met Maya or Obama

Dr Konrad Ng is amused that his Malaysian roots got noticed halfway round the world, thanks to his link to Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

Stuff Mentioned

My thanks to the anonymous reader who pointed this out.

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synical said...

I saw this in the paper the other day.

My reaction: *slap forehead* D'OH.

Anonymous said...

This will undoubtedly help Obama.

It's already bad enough he's getting kicked around by the right-wing media for having Muslim relatives in Africa and having a lose mother who had many relationships. Now his brother-in-law has ties to a country that is listed by the State dept as one of the countries that provided material supports for the 9/11 terrorists. If Malaysians truly cared about the US politics more than Malaysian politics, they'd keep this sort of things quiet. After all, Obama, not Dr. Ng, is running for the office. Or perhaps this is a few shining moments where Malaysians can feel proud by association. LOL

B.H. said...


That is precisely it.

Malaysians are all too eager for their presence to be felt on a world stage and this happens to be one of their more credible claims to it unfortuantely (besides shoddy governance and sketchy judiciary).

You certainly make valid yet sardonic points. Come back soon, this blog needs readers like you.


synical said...

Reminds me of the time when Gwen Stefani did her KL concert and told the crowd that she's "practically Malaysian" because her husband got Malaysian relatives or something like that.

www.camobel.net said...

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